How to update the Flutter App in Playstore?

  1. Los 15 pasos para actualizar su aplicación en Google Play Store con Flutter (Dart):
  2. Open Android Studio.
  3. Choose your Flutter project you want to update.
  4. Select “Pubspec.yaml” file.

  5. Line 4 (if you didn’t modify 1 to 4 from file) will show “version:”.
  6. Seguido está la versión de la App y el número de veces que lo actualizaste. Example: 1.5.1+7 ¿How to manage versions?
  7. Now will modify the version and number of updates. Example: “version: 1.1.0+7” ---> “version: 1.6.0+8”.

  8. Next in the “android” folder there will be a file called “” it has play store credentials from the day it was loaded to the playstore for the first time, check password and private key in “storeFile=” are correct.
  9. Enter your Play Console account to search for an app you are going to update and enter to production (in “Release”).
  10. Go to “Releases”, click “Create new release”.
  11. You will have to load you new “App bundles and APKs”.
  12. So… Let's go to Android Studio and in the terminal submit “flutter build appbundle”.
  13. Once we have built appbundle with success, look for your “.aab” file. “\build\app\outputs\bundle\release”.
  14. Select it from Play Console or carry it from your folder and drop it in the box.
  15. After that you have to choose the version name and the details of the version.
  16. Click “Save”, “Review release” and “Start rollout to production”